Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top 5 Lessons Learned, Day 15, NaBloPoMo

1.      Many truly wonderful writers out there. I mean everywhere! The suburbs of Canada, the backwoods of Kentucky, the Bay area. This is not shameless sucking-up to readers. It’s bald truth.
2.      My writing is okay, but I should never get a big head because there will ALWAYS be better writers than I. Or is that “me”? Where did my grammar skills go?
3.      I should never stop making an effort to improve my writing.
4.      The internets are good. How else would I have met these fabulously creative people?
5.      Blogging keeps me sane, helps me feel young again, and has made my hair curly and full of body. Well, the first two for sure.


  1. The world has so many nooks and crannies and in each there is a writer writing her heart out. I love the internet.

    And your writing is way more than OK! Your "I Miss My Virginity" post made me cry and made me talk about it in my out loud voice to other people not participating in NaBloPoMo or following along at all.

  2. Hi Janey-jane-jane. I was trying to leave comments on your blog this morning, but Google said it didn't recognize me?! So much for me loving the internets, at least all of the times.
    How about that fact, that there are people writing everywhere, and we get to read some of them? Amazing.
    You are too kind-- my students give me so much to think about and write about. Props to them.

  3. You speak truth, lady. There is so much good writing going on out there, right now, that I can't even pretend to keep up anymore. It's humbling, overwhelming and wonderful! And as for the hair? I have enough curl and body for everyone. Maybe blogging will smooth it out for me? ;)

  4. Ha-ha-- I'm sure NaBloPoMo will take all of our hair in a different direction than when we started the month. By the end of November, I hope I still have some hair!

  5. I can't wait for the day the interwebz will allow me to reach through my screen and give people SUCH A PINCH! Your writing isn't o.k. Your writing isn't good. Your writing nods at great and then politely passes it by. Your writing is better than all of that. I kid you not. I'm not buttering you up. I'm not very worldly or well read, but I do know what I like. I do know what is ok, what is good and what is great and what is beyond. And I am right there with you ALL of your points. MY next goal is to do some writing classes.

  6. I looked for a search bar, but didn't see one. I scrolled through a few weeks of posts, but I couldn't find "I Miss My Virginity." Will you post a link?

    I think you're a wonderful writer.

  7. Ladies, I thought I had posted replies to your comments, but now they aren't showing. I had threatened to pinch A.B. back (gently, with much respect; I think she could take me in an arm wrestling match)and thanked the Paranormalist, who is herself a wonderful writer.