Monday, November 21, 2011

Big Girl Panties

Big Girl Panties

Oh, I wash ‘em, I dry ‘em
fold ‘em in the drawer
Stormy day comin’
An’ I gonna need ‘em sure.

Big girl panties
Keep me strong
Keep me sane
Keep me goin’
Up life’s lane.

Without my big girl panties
want to cry and moan.
I whine, I fuss,
groan and cuss.
Wanna run away from home.

But blessed big girl panties
sho’ nuf revive my pride
My spirit rises,
Backbone grows
I’m gonna make it
This I knows.

Small stuff
Ain’t worth sweatin’
Big girl panties
Ain’t just fluff!

Thank you, big girl panties.
Almost lost my way.
But with yo’ soft
silky support
Tomorrow is
Another day!


  1. This one needs toe-tappin, steel guitar, glass slide, gentle bass, a harmonica or two and John Lee Hooker on vocals. Mmmm hmmmm. Love it!

  2. HA! Fabulous! Also? What Desi said :).

  3. Desi, you are scaring me. Our minds sometimes run on the same track!
    I had John Lee Hooker in my head when I was writing that poem, as absurd as that may sound. If any man could rock out a song about panties, he could've! Ha! You brought a smile to my face with that comment!
    Hi Janey-- thanks for stopping by. Maybe Santa will bring me some big-girl panties for Christmas?!

  4. I feel out of step here, Ladies. His "Big Girl Panties" a song, a poem, or what? Sorry! I've never heard of this. Go ahead, I don't mind if you guys laugh at me. LOL!


  5. There's an expression something like this: I guess I need to put on my big girl panties and move on.

    Meaning I need to suck it up, I need to grow up, not expect to get my way, that sort of thing. Hope this helps explain-- it's just a funny expression-- is it maybe a regional expression that is not used in other parts of the country?

    I would not laugh at you unless you laugh first! :-)