Monday, November 28, 2011

Nablopomo: You're kicking my butt. Love, Melanie

1.       Check out “one-note” so I don’t keep losing my lists.
2.       Figure out if I should get a smart phone. Gasp! My current phone is not smart.
3.       Do I want to use Twitter in the classroom next semester? See #2.
4.       Find homes for some of Mom’s rescue kitties. They have their shots & are spayed/neutered, and need forever homes. Guilt-trip good people into becoming kitty-parents, if necessary.
5.       Spend more time with my husband while we are both awake.
6.       Cut back on beating myself up with so many “should’s.”
7.       Get a haircut.
8.       Stop forcing my lists to be at least 10 items long. Sometimes 7 bits/pieces are enough for one list.


  1. I just got a smart phone three months ago, and I love it. I actually spend less time in front of the computer, and feel more connected to my friends and family. Weird, right?
    Also? Spending more time with my husband while we're both awake is on my list, too. Poor guy ;)

  2. Yes, I think I will take the plunge into smart-phone land soon. I just dread going to the cell-phone store more than walking on hot coals. Reminds me of buying a used car, somehow.

    And husbands are funny that way, actually preferring a wife who is conscious! The little dears. I guess they really do like us!

  3. My phone is smarter than me...way! I've had a Droid for the last 2 years and I love my smart phone...I know, sad to say, but I do. I also freely admit to being a Facecrack junkie, I'm o.k. with it. I'm curious how you'd use Twitter in the classroom? And lists with 2 or 3 items sounds perfect to me.
    1)Make Coffee
    2)Drink Coffee
    3)Refill Coffee

  4. Just a couple more days. You're nearly there!

    Also? My smart phone is much smarter than me too. But I love it regardless.

  5. I have a smart phone (just got it), but I don't really make much use of the features...except for playing Angry Birds! Am I bad??

    I, too, tried getting away from making ANY list I do being an even 10, or even number for that matter. My other number I really like is seven!


  6. Ha-ha you ladies are a hoot. Well the consensus is definitely for me to get a smart phone, soon.

    As for using Twitter in the classroom-- I read that some instructors run a Tweetdeck chat? (that's not what it's called) during class. Students that are maybe a bit shy or need time to think about what questions they have, can tweet me or each other. Tweets would show up on the projector we use for internet work in the classroom.
    My thought is that if I keep them busy tweeting about class, maybe they won't be texting friends about where to have lunch, etc.
    I try to make it clear that students shouldn't be texting in class, but it's like trying to roll molasses uphill in January these days.

  7. Interesting concept. I'm all for participation. My husband refers to that feat as "trying to heard cats"...often in reference to getting my daughter's cheer team to focus on actually HELPING at fundraisers. So...yeah...I feel ya, sista.

  8. Yes, focus, people, focus. Even the teacher has that problem sometimes!