Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Memories of My Father

Dad passed away on Saturday. Here are some of my favorite quirky memories about him:
1. he got mad when Vanna White wore long dresses instead of the shorter ones that showed off her gams.
2. his obsession with shellfish, especially clams and oysters.
3. that grimy old Carolina Panthers ball cap. Tomorrow we will bury him with that cap in his casket.
5. the way he would go out to the car five minutes before the rest of the family was ready, and honk the horn for us to hurry up.
6. he loved to garden and thought Miracle-gro plant food was one of mankind’s greatest inventions.
7. his sweet-tooth that he passed down to me. Some of his favorites: chocolate milkshakes, strawberry ice cream, chocolate Little Debbie’s
8. his world centered around his wife and family, making sure they were well fed.
9. the way he floated on his back in the ocean and spouted water through his fist like a whale.
10. he showed me how to fold and hang pants properly and I think of him every time I fold pants.
11. he’d get so attached to “his” chair and would sit nowhere else until the chair fell apart and was replaced once every twenty years.
12. he loved pretty ladies of all ages, races, nationalities and religions; all ladies were pretty ladies to him. He flirted until the day he died at 86 years old.


  1. With each memory that you carry of your father, you make me think about all the little things and habits my own father had. Thank you for helping me to remember my father with a smile, making my heart glad. Smiling here!!


  2. Thank you, Virginia-- the little memories are important, and help us remember how unique our Dads were. I'm smiling, too.