Sunday, July 31, 2011

12 Helpful Items to Help Get You Through Menopause

In no particular order, just like my hormonal state...
  1. Miracle Foot Repair with aloe. You won't believe what happens to your feet.
  2. An e-reader. I can't tell you how many times another book to read (without having to go to the bookstore) has kept me from doing something drastic! My Kindle has kept me out of the headlines!
  3. The nicest cotton sheets you can afford. My favorites are from JC Penney, QVC, and Home Goods. Cotton for all those hot (not in a good way) nights!
  4. A lighted, magnifying mirror. Yes, this item is a double-edged sword. You can see all the crazy changes to your face, but without it you can't see where to pluck or apply makeup.
  5. A brand of makeup you can live with. For me, it's mineral makeup. I grew up a non-makeup girl, and still don't wear it all the time. But some days, we can't face the world without the war paint. Is that a pun?
  6. A scent that always makes you feel like at least you smell nice. Nothing too heavy! Don't be one of those girls that make people cringe when they find themselves in the elevator with you. I like Amazing Grace from Philosophy. It's around $50.00 but worth the splurge for the way it makes me feel I'm still feminine. And I'm still using my bottle from about a year ago.
  7. Dove soap.
  8. Vaseline Intensive Care body lotion. In a 55 gallon drum size.
  9. Era free and clear, or the color-free/odor free/detergent of your choice. Wash your undies in this, and use the 2 rinse cycle. Keeps irritation at bay. Enough said. Thanks to my fabulous G.P., Dr. Janice Dickerson, for this suggesting this one.
  10. That reminds me. A great doctor who is in your corner. If she's a woman, more better. Sorry, men doctors.
  11. A great blogging buddy or two. Nothing beats knowing you are not (totally) crazy, and that you are not alone. Thanks, Home Reared Chef!
  12. If you can, adopt a homeless pet. My pet who sticks to me like glue is Smokey, a beautiful and loving long haired cat who was living in the woods with her kittens. We found homes for the kittens, and now Smokey follows me around and sleeps next to my pillow. While loving me unconditionally, she reminds me that my purpose in life is to open doors for cats.


  1. I read your blog to my husband, and we were both laughing, enjoying your ramblings (this is a compliment!)!

    By the way, my hubby and I adopted a stray cat 13 years ago. She sleeps with us (between us), and in her old age (and mine!) has become my shadow. She is very demanding, but very loving too.

    We named our cat Kitty (per the children), and I am sure she will be very glad to see us coming home, since we've been gone on our vacation. She'll probably yell at me first. LOL!

    I will e-mail you next week, when I am back home. I've lots to share!


  2. Ha-ha! What would I do without pets? I hate to think. Yes, our cats must punish us a bit if we've been away. They get over it pretty quickly, though.
    Glad you and your hubby had a chuckle. Looking forward to hearing about the trip!