Wednesday, July 20, 2011

why a non-Mommy reads Mommy blogs

One of my favorite Mommy bloggers told me she was amazed that non-Mommies like me READ and ENJOYED her blog. Got me thinking…

I read all kinds of blogs, including Mommy blogs.

As a non-Mommy, why do I enjoy reading Mommy blogs?

1.         If I only read non-Mommy blogs, I wouldn’t have as many blogs to read. Just saying.
2.       Mommies are people, too.
3.       Mommies are funny. Very funny.
4.       Mommies are busy. They inspire/prod/guilt-trip me. If they can make time to write blog posts, why can’t I?
5.       I might have been a Mommy in another life.
6.       Mommies can be so comforting.
7.       I want to understand Mommies. I see/talk to/teach Mommies every day.
8.       My mother is a Mommy. So were my grandmothers. So are some of my friends.
9.       Gratitude: at least I don’t have to feed more than 2 people at a time. Or diaper anyone. Most days.
10      Mommies are fascinating. Just like the rest of the peoples. Shazam!

Thank you, Mommy bloggers!


  1. Wow! Well said... This feels more like a "Mommy Tribute," and even though I am not a "mommy blogger," but a menopausal one. Okay, I've been a mommy already, so I read it as if it was meant for me, too. And my kids often tell me that I am funny. Lol!

    ~Virginia, aka HomeRearedChef

  2. I think this is awesome -- takes an open mind not to "pigeonhole" people (as in "oh, she's a mom-blogger, so she obviously talks about diapers, tantrums and snot all day.") Untrue, obviously. :) I am a woman, an individual, first. THEN a mom. I think it's wrong to have kids define us completely - nobody needs that kind of responsibility. It's been a while since I've "hung out" at your blog...good to be back. Cheers.