Saturday, April 9, 2011

the week that was un-funny

Didn't something remotely funny happen this week?

Thinking. Crickets. Dog barking across the street.

Hmmn. The state that employs me has told me to get ready for a salary cut. But they are delivering a new desk to me next week. I didn't ask for a new desk. Don't need one, even if my current desk is 50 years old. It still has legs and a flat surface perfectly suitable for my needs. Call me mercenary, but I'd rather have the cash than a new desk. Not funny-- ironic, maybe?

Okay, but something funny...

Wow. This may have been one of the most un-funny weeks ever. I will resist the urge to list all the un-funny events that happened to people I care for.

Grasping here. How about a few improvements in the natural world? The azaleas are blooming. The 10,000 acre local forest fire is out without burning down any homes. The weather is warming and we aren't using heat or a/c. And hey-- we have heat and a/c and can afford to pay the bill for them.

Is this turning into a gratitude journal???

A friend's first pregnancy is going well. Another friend's son turned two.

A co-worker/friend adopted a three-year old boy. What a week in that new family's world!

My brother is safely in town after driving a thousand miles to be with our 80-yr. old parents for a couple of weeks. I'm glad that he has the energy to show them some fun and give a break in our routine.

Much as I love funny, I guess I'll shut up and be content with all the above for the least-funny week in a long time.

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