Friday, April 1, 2011

I've been searching for blogs that might address this stressful, anxious time of life-- the so-called middle. If I live to be 108. There are few blogs out there, but they tend to have a narrow focus. That's great, but...

In this blog, I'd like to cover a bit more ground.

But what? The good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny about being middle-aged and middle class (barely). 
I help care for my parents, aged 81 and 85. A lot of you care for elderly relatives, too. That's Mom, chilling on the blue bench, below.
I hope you will share in my stories and contribute some of your own.

Because of who I am, books, writing, and reading will be an important part of the blog, but hopefully not in a dusty way. I'm surrounded by enough dust already. Cough.

Let's share our confessions, respect each other's privacy, and keep hurtful comments, hater-type criticism and rudeness in the blog down the street.

Here's my middle aged confession of the day. I was so incredibly tired last night while I was putting on my night shirt. The shirt has a large print pattern with random words on the front that should have made it easy to get into correctly.

Alas, when I looked in the mirror to brush my teeth, I saw the shirt was on INSIDE OUT out AND BACKWARDS.

Really? I can't get my nightshirt on without error?

I'm sure you fine people never do anything like this. Or do you?

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