Monday, June 24, 2013

Wick my (sweaty) troubles away: Cool-jams to the rescue!

Companies are not showering me with free stuff. That’s okay, I’m not hurt. Pass the vodka, please.

So when Cool-jams sleepwear contacted me inquiring if I wanted to try a nightgown—for FREE and review it on my blog—I jumped up and down and did the happy dance. 

Yes, I am occasionally that shallow. I like pretty things, so sue me. And hey, the idea that a company knew my blog existed and wanted me to test drive their product was a stroke to my wild and hungry ego. Come on, those of you who are regular readers know that I do not normally endorse products, and I’ve been blogging for 3 years.

Even though I had decided long ago that my blog was not going to be a source of filthy lucre, that my motives were of a higher, more pure cause than mere pecuniary rewards could hope to match, (ha-ha) I snatched at the chance of a new nightgown and a better night’s sleep. Yep, I snatched that nightgown faster than a duck on a June bug.

The ugly truth is that since the tendrils of perimenopause first began twining around my fair neck, yay, those many years ago, I have sweated EVERY night. I was 35 when I first noted that sensation of mild night sweats. No biggy at the time, and I certainly didn’t associate it with the oncoming tidal wave of warmth. Believe me, sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.

As the years passed, regardless of the season, the level of air conditioning, the speed of the ceiling fan, the size of the window open to the frosty air, or the type of night clothes or covers, I … well, there is no delicate way to put this. If horses sweat, men perspire, and ladies glow, I glowed enough to light up a medium-sized city.

Sleep is elusive enough through perimenopause, menopause, and beyond, without the added discomfort of damp night clothes. Some women even find they need to get up to change their p.j.’s and sheets before they have any hope of returning to a fitful rest.

Enter Cool-jams.

However, color me skeptical. I’d heard about wicking sleepwear for years, but frankly did not believe the hype. No one I knew had tried the products. The idea that merely changing to a different fabrication of pajama would make a difference seemed ludicrous.

Raised during the years when polyester and other man-made fabrics first became mainstream, I had a built-in prejudice against poly that was hard to overcome. I couldn’t imagine that a poly fabric would be anything other than sweat-inducing, somewhat like sleeping in a plastic bag.

My lovely violet Cool-jams “Julia” gown and Cool-jams pillowcase arrived lickety-split once I agreed to test the products. I washed them both according to directions, and embarked on my nighttime adventure, still not expecting much, if any positive results.

I was wrong. Oh, so wrong.

I do not say this lightly, but Cool-jams wicking sleepwear is a game changer. I wish I had tried this product 15 years ago. I don’t know how it works; I don’t care. But when I woke up several times during the night, as is my norm, I was dry. No sweat. Nowhere. No how.


The pillowcase was an added bonus for my hot head, but the night gown was the key to making my dreams of a dry night’s sleep come true.

Cool-jams are not cheap—they run about $40-$60, sometimes less, but would make an excellent gift suggestion for those times when a baffled friend or family member asks you what you want for your birthday, holiday, or other occasion. Cool-jams do have sales; they come in a full range of sizes. I’ve had my nightgown for several months and it has washed and worn well. This product is high quality.

Normally I do not spend this much on sleepwear, but after suffering through years of night sweats, I would gladly save up my greenbacks to purchase this product. They are that good. In fact, I hate taking my gown off in the morning to put "real" clothes on. 

Test results: Cool Jams Sleepwear: 4 out of 4 stars.

Verdict: Worth the price for the comfort of sleeping dry. Don’t suffer one more night in a puddle. 
Really. If something so simple can improve the quality of our lives, we need to do it.

Cool-Jams provided me with a nightgown and pillowcase but did not otherwise pay for this review. The views expressed are my own. They also have bedding and men’s p.j.’s.


  1. Well, okay then. I wake up drenched on a regular basis - yuck. But I have this aversion to all things polyester so I would never think to try these. Here's what I do: I don't wear anything.

  2. Go, J.T.! Yes, I completely understand and admire your choice. I had, and still sort of have that same aversion to poly. But this fabric doesn't feel like our mother's poly-- it feels light and cool to the touch. I am a firm believer in cotton from way back, but we know about how wet cotton feels. This fabric makes the wetness "disappear," so to me, it works better than nude for this time of life. Unless there is a special night planned, lol.

    I know it goes against all we believe, but it really has to be tried to be believed. It's comparable to some kind of athletic high-tech wicking fabric, but with a light, airy, non-plastic feel.

    Thanks for the comment, and I PROMISE reviews will continue to be rare on my blog. Hope you are having a great summer!

  3. Very interesting. Who knew such a thing existed?Thanks for sharing this review.

  4. Hi Renae-- You are a long way from needing this product, but thanks for stopping by to comment. I truly had no clue, and was entirely skeptical. Kind of blew me away that a company's claims were for real. I'm going to have to get another gown so this one gown doesn't get worn to tatters and so my husband doesn't get tired of looking at it!

  5. I bought cool jams king size maattress pad and pj. total $375.00- after one year BOTH stopped working! After calling cool jams to find out what happend, I was told that the products only last 1 year!!! wow was this a surprise. I guess their cutomers have tons of money to keep replacing these items. I don't.

  6. I would hesitate to do business with a company that keeps the same 8 reviews under the cooling-pillow. I wrote 2 reviews saying the products did not work for me. The pillow was good for 2-3 minutes tops. The pj's didn't work at all and were to large. I was disappointed and wrote a review to say so. They have to review the review first. Why? They NEVER posted my review. I wouldn't recommend Cool-jams to my friends or family.