Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CNN: Headline Epic Fail

 Today in Tech: Yahoo has a new CEO, and she's pregnant

I read the headline above on CNN online yesterday.

Way to go, CNN. The article actually reported AS NEWS that it was okay for Marissa Mayer to be pregnant, since she plans to work through her maternity leave.

Say what?

Once I reattached my feminist head to my feminist body, I brainstormed ways to help you out, CNN.

Here are some other headlines you may consider. I used fictional names to protect the innocent. 

Election results: Mary-Mary Contrary new POTUS, has Excellent Lipid Panel

New Head at Pain Capital Has E. D., Plans to Work Through Treatment

German PM Reports No Cavities

Gray-Haired Grandfather, Still Continent, to Head Drug Giant Pillslinger

Brit M15 Top Agent has Exemplary Digestion, Credits Fiber

“My Small Pores Hereditary,” Claims Florida Governor

Chief of Canadian Mounted Police Lactose Intolerant, Gives up Cheddar

Each of these events seemed at least as newsworthy as CNN’s headline about Mayer’s pregnancy.  Come on, CNN. In what universe did a headline about a woman taking a CEO job of a major corporation need to include information about a baby in her uterus?


  1. Haha, way to go Melanie! I read that "headline" yesterday as well and wondered, once again, about CNN's ability to actually determine what is news and what is really none of their business and definitely NOT news.

  2. My mouth dropped open-- I thought surely they jest-- but alas, no. Thanks for the comment and letting me know I wasn't the only one who questioned this headline!

  3. The story itself was big news all over the place. *sigh*

  4. Yeah, I shook my head at this one, too. I mean, I worked through my maternity leave with my daughter because, had I not, my career would not have been there for me when I returned. Oh, I would have had a JOB, for sure. There are laws that protect our jobs while we're on maternity leave. But a year off the ladder would see it extend an additional six rungs above me, and I had already worked so hard to climb that far.... This woman's personal decisions shouldn't be headline news. And it's tragic (and infuriating) that it's been dissected and analyzed by every business expert in the Western world. We've really got so far yet to go, don't we?

  5. I know! They act like pregnancy is an affliction. Oh the horrors, surely she can't give birth and run a company. I loved your headlines!

  6. What the hell? Stupidity runs rampant.

    I did get a big kick out of your headlines, though, so maybe theirs had some value since it provided inspiration. :OD

  7. Couldn't agree with you more! (Though I tell you, waiting in the cafeteria line behind the RCMP head when he's been into the do not want to go there.)

    Great blog--can't wait to explore it a bit!


  8. Couldn't agree with you more! (Though waiting in the cafeteria line behind the RCMP head after he's been into the dairy...well, trust me, it's just not a place you want to be.)
    Can't wait to explore your blog a bit more fully--

  9. Karen, sorry to take so long to get your comment up and to respond. I didn't realize my blog wanted me to moderate comments now! I have been a bad, bad blogger lately (smacking my hand).
    Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you here again.