Monday, March 26, 2012

Guest Post Gig @ MyAlienBody !

I didn't dream it would be this fun to be asked to guest post on my great bloggy buddy's site, but I feel like I've walked down the red carpet of blogging!

Today, I'm at This n That, MyAlienBody's blog. (She's a.k.a. Melissa Aiello).

Melissa is smart, funny, a great writer and skilled in my favorite art form... the stick figure.

Please come over for a visit! She has cake!



  1. I'm so thrilled to have you as my guest today! The Stick Boys are strangely absent, they might pay for that on Wednesday (evil plot brewing). I'm going to pour some coffee, top it with whipped cream and go read your post AGAIN...'cause I love it that much! Thank you for Guesting (I've made that a verb, haven't I??) on my blog, so lovely to have you!

  2. It is wonderful to see Melanie here! And I love that the strawberry cake is here to entice us. Let me go and pull up a chair, get my cup of coffee and slice of cake and join you Ladies!

    Big hugs to BOTH of you!

  3. Thanks, my ladies! Stick figures, cake and coffee. My world is complete.

  4. I'll follow you anywhere, baby. Where is that cake again?

  5. Isn't that the most tempting cake? It's Paula Deen's recipe, Alienbody says. I foresee some baking in my future!

  6. This cake is STILL in my fridge. I've been having a small slice (it's SOOO rich) every morning. I'm going to hell in a strawberry buttercream/cream cheese frosted hand-basket!!

  7. That cake! What better transportation to hell?!
    I'm going to make it this weekend, but doubt it will stick around long with the sweet-toothed people I know.