Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Smarty-pants, the quiz/ and now, the answers

By popular demand (okay, three people jokingly asked for it), here is the Smarty-pants quiz. Yes, you may use your books, internet searches, and your notes. But only after you think really hard about the possible answers. Since Halloween is just a few days away, we have a spooky theme.
Answers below.

1.       What was the name of the man that spawned the legend of Dracula?
2.       Where was Jim Morrison of The Doors buried?
3.       Name one of Henry VIII’s wives executed at the Tower of London.
4.       Name one edible vegetable related to deadly nightshade.
5.       In what U.S. state was the film version of Stephen King’s Firestarter filmed?
6.       What two articles were left on Edgar Allen Poe’s grave each year (until recently) on the anniversary of his birth?
7.       “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again,” was the first line of the what spooky novel?
8.       Victorian mourning jewelry was sometimes made of what from the deceased?
9.       What legendary liqueur with an eerie green color has wormwood as an ingredient?
10.   What poisonous mushroom is named for an unearthly creature?


1.       Vlad the Impaler (Prince Charles claims him as a cousin) or Bram Stoker. My question wasn’t clear, so either answer is correct!
2.       Paris, France
3.       Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard. His six wives were remembered in this ditty: Divorced, beheaded, died; divorced, beheaded, survived.
4.       Any of these: eggplant, tomato, potato, tomatillo, chile pepper, bell pepper, cayenne pepper
5.       North Carolina
6.       Bottle of cognac, roses
7.       Rebecca, by Daphne DuMaurier
8.       Human hair
9.       Absinthe
10.   Destroying angel


  1. I'm pleased to say I only had to look up Jim Morrison's burial site.

    I found you on the blogroll of November's NaBloPoMo, and I'm glad I did. You are the second English teacher that I've decided to follow ... hmmm. I enjoyed the several posts I've read here tonight, in particular the one about the veterans.

    By the way, if I've done my math right, (not my strong subject) we are the same age :)

  2. Hi Paranormalist-- great name, by the way. You've done well on the quiz--now, if only there were prizes. Maybe next year?
    If we are the same age, that explains why you are so smart! Thanks for reading and for the kind remarks-- I'll look for you on NaBloPoMo.